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Friday, September 28, 2007


HMHS87 - Finding a crowd to drive wild

Click on the link to play the show or use the player at the top of the page.

This week we discuss how to find listeners as a home musician and some talk on song structures.


Song 1: Ronnie Marler - Monday Morning
Ronnie Writes:

Monday Morning is a song I wrote while my company was going through a "Reduction in force"

There was a feeling of impending doom throughout the workplace We all knew that on Monday the axe would fall.

The song signifies that feeling that the shit is about to hit the fan and the hopelessness that we feel from not being able to do any thing about it.

The Song is availible for download at http://www.RonnieRecords.com where your listeners can also find my CDs for sale and sign up for my mailing list.

Ronnie's home studio video:

Song 2: 7 Thunders - Out of Darkness
We recorded this in the basement on a Yamaha 2216, and then mixed it in Cubase. You can check out some of our other stuff over at www.mYSpace.com/7thunders

Song 3: Papa Satch and BlankStare - Run For Cover

Monday, September 24, 2007


Joe Pop's view On Song Reviews

Check out more comic strips at http://www.joepoptoons.com/

Friday, September 21, 2007


HMHS86 The Podcaster Music Show

Welcome to another show featuring, purely by chance, songs made by or with podcasters :)

Dave and I have are usual talk, songs we're working on, our own personal problems when writing songs, a discussion of Pete Townsend's recommendation to keep the technology and the creativity separated, and finally our thoughts on the concept of reviewing each others songs.

But most of all remember: Stop Listening To This Podcast and Go Write a Song

This weeks music:

Show host Dave Criddle with I Can See You. a little more Dave at Soundclick

Second we have a song submitted by Bruce from the Sine Language Podcast The song is by Dave Garner and it's called You Can't Make Her Stay. Find Dave at MySpace

Bruce writes:
The album was tracked and mixed entirely in my house. The process? Dave would come and record a scratch acoustic guitar and vocal track to a click. Then, I'd get the drummer over here, and he would lay down the beats to the click, acoustic and vocal. Then, I'd get the bass player over to lay down his bit. Then, Dave would come back and we'd start laying down electric guitar
parts, then a "keeper" acoustic part, then a "keeper" vocal. Next, we'd do backing vocals and any hand percussion (if required). Then, I'd mix it.

Finally we have Hens Zimmerman from Sounds Good Podcast Hens sent me Vanished and wrote:

The song was arranged and produced in Logic Audio on an Apple Macbook Pro. The rhythm is mostly the EXS24 sampler inside Logic. The voices sound is a standard EXS24 patch, mangled a bit with Buffer Override by http://www.smartelectronix.com/. There are also some sounds in this song from several ensembles of Native Instruments' Reaktor.

Find more at http://37hz.net/

Tuesday, September 18, 2007


New HRO & another song from me

Just an update today.

Stop over at http://hro.libsyn.com/ to check out Dave & Andrew's latest Home Recording Odyssey show. HRO is a great show focusing on the technology aspects of audio and recording.

As you may or may not know I posted a new song last weekend - Trail of Clues (at Soundclick) Over the weekend I had an idea for another song but I couldn't decide between a ballad and a rocker. Being a "do what you want" home recorder I decided to record both so hopefully you'll be hearing them soon.

My recording tip of the day, something minor. I've started using a self played tambourine on my tracks. I've found that the human element of the tamb adds some humanity to the drum loops, those slight subtle variations somehow make the drums sounds more real, even if I keep the tamb mixed very low. Not something I did on purpose but it's fun to know

Friday, September 14, 2007


HMHS 85 - The Most Jinxed Show Ever

This is the most jinxed show ever. It's now being posted as just an MP3 of two great song.

We have recorded a "banter" show 3 times and screwed up all 3. Last week Dave forgot to record. This week I forgot to hit record first time, then second time the card in my PS04 became full and I lost the recording. It was an interesting show discussing, amongst other things

  • Make sure your software and gear is setup before you start writing a song so you don't have to worry about while writing and recording
  • Just Go Write A Song stop messing with plugins and audio and go write something
  • Stop trying to perfect songs, record them, get them how you want them, post them, then write something else
  • Discussion of how our environment and gear effect the types of songs we write
We'll be back next week but this week we have two great song to listen to

Neall Alcott - Rittenhouse Square
I'm a "one man band" and it was recorded in my home office. I used Acid 6.0 and an E-MU 0404 USB.
The piano and orchestration was done with the Proteus VX soft synth.
The guitars were direct through a Line6 Pod 2.0. Vocals were done with an MXL 990 microphone.

The CD is called Rittenhouse Square. Here is a link to Neall's web site: http://www.neallalcott.com/music.

Wil Deynes - Super Wonderful
Here is my Track Super Wonderful that I recorded at home. Here is what I used to record the track.

Pros Tool Digi 002
Avalon 737 - Everything went through the Avalon except the drums
AT4040 - vocals, acoustic guitars
SM 58 - electric guitars
Vox AMP - electric guitars

Everything was made on a MAC


Monday, September 10, 2007



I'm pleased to report that John Hodgson, aka Fast Cakes, has released a new CD of his music. It's called LIVEYOUNGDIEFAST and be purchased for the more than reasonable price of £4.

You can get info here

or link directly to the details and purchase here


Great Progress on a song

I've had a really productive weekend musically. I had a song idea that originally came from just banigng around on the guitar when people were out. I recorded it and have come up with an interesting melody and lyrics. I've done everything but need to find a way to get the vocals recorded. The song, as always, has changed slightly during the recording but I'm happy with the progress. After 2 failed attempts and only 1 song produced out of the last 10 or so starts this is good news :)

Saturday, September 08, 2007


HMHS 84 JC, GarageApples, Project 43 and more talk

One show got trashed and this was the second one :)

Today we have interesting music from 3 artists

The Beast of Yucca Flats from GarageApples
, hear Jeff at Soundclick

a garage band project - taking 16 b-grade horror movies and writing 60's styled garage punk tunes - with each song having the same title as the movie.

Second we have the old show favs, the best internet band in the world: Project 43 and Self Made Man. You can read about and list to Project 43 from Project-43.com

The song has Boss GT-6 modeled guitars with Charlie
doing the bass on his Schecter 5 string bass through his POD with a bass
pack. I use a Schecter 7 string guitar on most of the songs except 'Just
Let Me Go'. That is a Xaviere LP copy. I do most of the guitar fills,
harmonies etc., and Chris is doing the solo breaks.

Scott's drums are as always. He uses V-Drums from Roland.

Dee's process for recording his vocals is here:
read about how Dee records his vocals - this is a great read

Finally we have Jean-marie Carroll and his remake of his old Members tune (big hit in the UK). This is Sound of the Suburbs 2007. Hear from JC at jccarroll.com

Recorded on a Mac G4 Powerbook
Running Logic 6.3 and Reason 3
I played everything on the Track Except the Drums
Guitars Mandolin Accordian,Synth Bass,
Nick Cash Played the Drum,
Behringer B3 Microphone
M-Audio Firewire 410

Friday, September 07, 2007


Player Error

As you can probably see the player is not loading above. This is due to an error in my setup, I think I know what's wrong but since all the files are at work I can't fix it until Monday (probably).

New Dave & Tony show to follow soon

Wednesday, September 05, 2007


An Update - September 6th

Thanks to all for the great feedback on the show with Dave. We'll definitely do it again. It was fun.

Also more thanks for all the songs that have been sent. I know have a large queue that we can work through over the next few weeks. Keep sending as you have new one's. Not so much need for the intro's anymore but they are welcome, please make sure and include recording info in the email.

Musically an up and down weekend for me. I actually had a lot of time and took two ideas close to completion. I have all the music done for both songs but in both cases I just decided that the ideas were not good enough so I've abandoned them. I never used to be able to do that and now I need to figure out how to retain the good parts of the ideas. I'm also having trouble with the vocal sound from my Toneport so I need to keep experimenting with that.

A song will follow soon.

Saturday, September 01, 2007


HMHS 83: Charles Evans, Oliver Southgate, Dave Criddle and Talking

Welcome to another more traditional show. Dave Criddle motivated me out of my sleepiness and we play two songs and have a great chat about home recording subjects. Let me know what you think.

Two songs

Charles Evans with What Might Have Been Charles at Soundclick
Oliver Southgate with Just Don't Let It Show from his CD Get Me Out Of Here Oliver at Soundclick

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