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Friday, September 14, 2007


HMHS 85 - The Most Jinxed Show Ever

This is the most jinxed show ever. It's now being posted as just an MP3 of two great song.

We have recorded a "banter" show 3 times and screwed up all 3. Last week Dave forgot to record. This week I forgot to hit record first time, then second time the card in my PS04 became full and I lost the recording. It was an interesting show discussing, amongst other things

  • Make sure your software and gear is setup before you start writing a song so you don't have to worry about while writing and recording
  • Just Go Write A Song stop messing with plugins and audio and go write something
  • Stop trying to perfect songs, record them, get them how you want them, post them, then write something else
  • Discussion of how our environment and gear effect the types of songs we write
We'll be back next week but this week we have two great song to listen to

Neall Alcott - Rittenhouse Square
I'm a "one man band" and it was recorded in my home office. I used Acid 6.0 and an E-MU 0404 USB.
The piano and orchestration was done with the Proteus VX soft synth.
The guitars were direct through a Line6 Pod 2.0. Vocals were done with an MXL 990 microphone.

The CD is called Rittenhouse Square. Here is a link to Neall's web site: http://www.neallalcott.com/music.

Wil Deynes - Super Wonderful
Here is my Track Super Wonderful that I recorded at home. Here is what I used to record the track.

Pros Tool Digi 002
Avalon 737 - Everything went through the Avalon except the drums
AT4040 - vocals, acoustic guitars
SM 58 - electric guitars
Vox AMP - electric guitars

Everything was made on a MAC


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