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Friday, September 21, 2007


HMHS86 The Podcaster Music Show

Welcome to another show featuring, purely by chance, songs made by or with podcasters :)

Dave and I have are usual talk, songs we're working on, our own personal problems when writing songs, a discussion of Pete Townsend's recommendation to keep the technology and the creativity separated, and finally our thoughts on the concept of reviewing each others songs.

But most of all remember: Stop Listening To This Podcast and Go Write a Song

This weeks music:

Show host Dave Criddle with I Can See You. a little more Dave at Soundclick

Second we have a song submitted by Bruce from the Sine Language Podcast The song is by Dave Garner and it's called You Can't Make Her Stay. Find Dave at MySpace

Bruce writes:
The album was tracked and mixed entirely in my house. The process? Dave would come and record a scratch acoustic guitar and vocal track to a click. Then, I'd get the drummer over here, and he would lay down the beats to the click, acoustic and vocal. Then, I'd get the bass player over to lay down his bit. Then, Dave would come back and we'd start laying down electric guitar
parts, then a "keeper" acoustic part, then a "keeper" vocal. Next, we'd do backing vocals and any hand percussion (if required). Then, I'd mix it.

Finally we have Hens Zimmerman from Sounds Good Podcast Hens sent me Vanished and wrote:

The song was arranged and produced in Logic Audio on an Apple Macbook Pro. The rhythm is mostly the EXS24 sampler inside Logic. The voices sound is a standard EXS24 patch, mangled a bit with Buffer Override by http://www.smartelectronix.com/. There are also some sounds in this song from several ensembles of Native Instruments' Reaktor.

Find more at http://37hz.net/

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