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Wednesday, September 05, 2007


An Update - September 6th

Thanks to all for the great feedback on the show with Dave. We'll definitely do it again. It was fun.

Also more thanks for all the songs that have been sent. I know have a large queue that we can work through over the next few weeks. Keep sending as you have new one's. Not so much need for the intro's anymore but they are welcome, please make sure and include recording info in the email.

Musically an up and down weekend for me. I actually had a lot of time and took two ideas close to completion. I have all the music done for both songs but in both cases I just decided that the ideas were not good enough so I've abandoned them. I never used to be able to do that and now I need to figure out how to retain the good parts of the ideas. I'm also having trouble with the vocal sound from my Toneport so I need to keep experimenting with that.

A song will follow soon.

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