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Friday, July 09, 2010


HMHS 204 - Frauds

Welcome to one last summer show for David Criddle and Tony Butterworth your fraudulent home songwriting guru's.

This weeks discussions include
  • Giving away your best ideas
  • U2's songwriting approach
  • Doctor Horrible and Buffy Musical Episodes
  • Breaking a slump (write an easy, silly song)
Tony has been listening to: The Whigs, Drive By Truckers, Edward Sharpe and The Magnetic Zero's, The Submarines and Green Day.

Dave has been listening to U2

This weeks songs
  • Sahara - Lochinvar (www.lochinvar.net)
  • I've Given Up - Dave Chick
  • My Addiction - Marvin Kanarek
  • Which - The Rotary Dial
Marvin's video.

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Friday, July 02, 2010


HMHS 203 - Dave Likes Frank's Organ

Welcome to your source of home recording and songwriting entertainment.  Host by the songwriting fraud's Tony Butterworth and Dave Criddle.

This weeks discussions include

  • Sing your lyrics when writing them
  • Rewriting songs
  • Inspiration and playing existing music
Tony has been listening to Lissie, Scissor Sisters, Roots and Wolf Parade.
Dave has been watching Phoenix live on MTV.

http://seanfellowes.com for Sean's downloadable CD

10 Hallmarks of Amateur Recordings

This weeks tunes
  • Frank Canonica - Water For Tears
  • The Continentals - Working Man's Blues
  • Laurier Tiernan - Ransacked
  • Sean Fellowes - World Peace

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