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Saturday, April 01, 2006


Home Made Hit Show 18 - My Collaborations

A special (or not so special) show 18. 6 Collaborations that I have worked on:

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Nothing to exciting, I just wanted to play these 6 original collaborations that I've worked on, mainly to give credit to the person that helped me

For You with Manzana
Manzana Sounds
For The Others with Seth BataSeth at Soundclick
Crumbling with Tomas De Camino Tomas Soundclick
Alone with Nick Abrahams Nick at Soundclick
I Saw You with Tomas De Camino
Hand That Feeds with Seth Bata

You can find all my own covers, originals and collaborations at Tony's Soundclick Site

A few links for you:

2090 Forum
Bill Mecca - Voice Over Talent

Find my attempts at music at Tony's Soundclick Site
Tomas de Camino music Soundclick

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