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Friday, June 13, 2008


HMHS 120 - It's All A Matter Of Opinion

Another action packed show !!!!!

So, if you want to, get to work on the song challenge. Write and complete a song between now and August 10th, record a short or long intro or commentary, send it along and we'll play them all. The theme is "Summer"

Songs this week:

All In My Head - Oliver Southgate Soundclick

The Stars - David Watson Soundclick

What Can I Say or Do - Robert Hall Website

Hi Tony and dave,

It was kinda thrilling and an honor to be aired on your show. I look forward to writing a tune for your Summer theme show. You guys are much appreciated for your talk show. I only wish it was on every night. It would be nice if you had a small weekly segment in your show which talked about technical issues of song writing/recording. look forward to the next show.

Robert Lee Hall
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