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Friday, December 07, 2007


HMHS 97 - The Rikky Rooksby Show

Please take some time to listen to the two most boring people in podcasting, Tony Butterworth & Dave Criddle, discussing songwriting and Rikky Rooksby books.

* Keeping the energy when recording
* Drums first or last
* Don't let the technology get in the way of the song

and much much more is discussed.

Today's Songs

Way To Deep - Dave Chick HatchedProductions

We're All Done - Phil Harewood (produced by John Hodgson)

Kiss The Girl - TheCriddleTones (Dave & Tony) Dave's Music & Tony's Music

Buy those Rikky Rooksby books

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Good show, gents.
I'm looking forward to this becaus eI have a handful of RR's books and I am a fan.
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