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Thursday, August 16, 2007


HMHS 77 - Joe Pop - Poor Excuse

Time for another song from our old favorite Joe Pop / David LePlante. Check out the excellent and fun Joe Pop site at joepoptoons.com

Joe talks about the stardust plug in, find it here

Joe provided the following update:
I have been working with bassist Joe Payne in Tampa Florida. We are about 3 songs away from a new finished CD. I realized that I didn't want to duplicate the sound of what I did last year so I decided to make changes to the studio. Joe had talked me into switching to the Cubase software and going to a USB interface. I ordered the Lexicon Alpha interface which comes with the Cubase LE software. It is advertised as being Windows 2000 compatible but when I got it, the software and the drivers for the Alpha were XP only. After just spending 100 dollars on the interface I didn't want to spend another couple hundred on Windows XP. I like my Windows 2000 Pro and I hate XP. I sent the Alpha back and ordered an ART Tube MP preamp (non-USB) and then I upgraded to the Mixcraft 3 for about twenty bucks. Now I'm all set. The new Mixcraft is great. It's close enough to the earlier version that I didn't have to re-learn everything but it has a whole new layout and more features. It's also compatible with the ASIO drivers so I can go USB sometime in the future. The new ART tube preamp is great. It is hiss free. I get more background noise off my keyboard now than I do off my mic (and you probably remember how much hiss I used to have).

I still wanted to get a little crazy so I downloaded a whole bunch of new plug-ins. I found a mastering plug-in called "Stardust" absolutely free. It includes compression, a limiter, stereo enhancer, bass enhancer and high end enhancement all in one effect so it doesn't overload the resources on my PC.

All the results can be heard in the latest track we have just finished. I think some of the new songs show some musical growth and even some in my singing. I'm using a lower register on this song. The latest track is called "Poor Excuse" It's about abuse of power. I am handling the usual assortment of keyboard, guitars and vocals. Joe Payne is on bass and his wife Jenny Payne is doing some very cool backup vocals. Joe doesn't have much free time and the recording of these has been much slower. It has given me time to be more of a perfectionist and for other things like my cartoons. It's good to have the Homemade Hit Show up and running again. I will be back as a regular.

I'm too lazy to read all that, but gave the song a listen. Nice one. Sort of Supertramp-y.

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