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Friday, February 18, 2011


HMHS 209 - A Pile of Steaming Home Made Hits

Back for more home made songwriting and recording goodness it's your fantastic hosts Tony Butterworth and Dave Criddle.

This week we discuss
  • Pro Sounding Home Recordings
  • Our RPM Challenge Experiences
  • Dave stole my song :)
  • Dave at Church
  • Dave Murdered His Amp
  • Simplifying Your Equipment
  • Why no Pop Songs in home recording
  • Mario's Site at http://lets-go-digital.blogspot.com/
Visit Zoetrope's new Backstage area of the forums for songs in progress, ideas, lyrics and anything else that's musical but not a full song  http://zoomforum.us/viewforum.php?f=40

The video for Bruno Mars doing a Nirvana/Michael Jackson mashup is at the end.

Songs this week
  • Make Me Crawl - Mario Gozum aka Pill
  • The New Risk of the Foot Soldier - The Lions
  • Relative - Yesterday's Addiction
Relatives song info is here:
Lyrically, the song is about love- well, more to the point, breaking up.  A relationship has to be collaboration between two willing people, and some women don’t seem to be capable of seeing how good they really have it- “you find sorrow in your treasure”.  But, in the end you realize that you are better off moving on- “In the dark, I find the sun”.  It was inspired by a close friend of mine who was going through a divorce, in spite of the fact that he completely built his whole life around his wife.  So, the song was built around those ideas, and written on an acoustic guitar.  After the rough song was “sketched out”, Mike Mitchell, our lead guitarist, recorded some rough guitar takes which were uploaded to the “SendSpace” file sharing site.  Jim Tamburini (his real name, by the way) downloaded the .wav files and imported them into his DAW, and put together the drum tracks.  He sent back separate .wav files of the kick, snare/hi-hat, toms, and cymbals, which Mike and I re-imported, and then set about the task of recording all of the finished guitar and vocal tracks.

Bruno Mars



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Hey Tony, Dave,

It's such a treat to listen to fresh shows after your long break... and thanks for putting my song on, and the nice comments, and the shout out for my blog.

I just finished my DIY sound panels that I'll be using for vocal tracking. The thing's basically made of stuff lying around the house. I hope to share my experience with it in a future blog post.

More power to you guys and looking forward to the next show.

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