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Friday, February 04, 2011


HMHS 208 - The Return of the Plugin

We're back for more of those hi quality distant vocal recordings from Tony Butterworth and Dave Criddle, your self appointed ringmasters of the home songwriting circus.

This week discussions include:

  • Dave's Rondo Bass
  • Rewiring a guitar
  • Dave's attempts to record from a netbook
  • Dave's Shure Beta 52 mic
  • Reorganizing your plugins
This weeks, all important, songs
  • Randall Hill - In Between
  • Sugarspin (Jim Daly & KV( - There For You
  • Exactly What You Need - Hobey Kuhn

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if you want to hear more from me, search "Resident Scout" in google and such. Cheers mates!
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