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Friday, May 28, 2010


HMHS 200 - The Forgotten Anniversary

Home songwriting and recording talking heads Dave Criddle and Tony Butterworth return for more waffle.

This weeks topics include
  • Filling the gaps in your head
  • The contest winner (you have to listen to know if you won)
  • The demise of LaLa (I hate Apple)
  • Dave's Buzzcocks tune
  • Tony remixes John Poulton's Gravity
  • Keith calls in
  • Tony has not been listening to much (thanks Apple) but was underwhelmed by Band of Horses)
  • Dave has been listening to New Pornographers and Kraftwerk
This weeks song:
  • The Splinters - The Game Of Lying
  • Lucas - Hanging At The Forum
  • The Pocket Gods - Come On England
  • Jay Regain - Motherearth

Band Of Horses

New Pornographers

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Friday, May 14, 2010


HMHS 199 - Heavy Breathing

Back for more heavy breathing and incessant home recording and songwriting babbling, it's Tony "Vader" Butterworth and Dave "Skywalker" Criddle.

Remember to send an email to homemadehitshow@gmail.com with Contest in the subject if you want to win a Korg Nanopad (winners announced next time).

This weeks subject matter include
  • Check the mastering thread on the forums
  • No show next week
  • www.homerecordingweekly.blogspot.com, make sure and visit to enter the songwriting contest
  • Dave's a street performer
  • Dave's bands plays Baby Doll
  • Polly on speed
  • Tony has been listening to The National
  • Dave has been listening to Super Furry Animals
This weeks songs
  • Randall Hill - More Than Friends
  • John Poulton - Gravity
  • Leisure - Baby Doll
  • James Bryson and Steve Nylander - The One Who Owns My Heart

The National

Super Furry Animals

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Friday, May 07, 2010


HMHS 198 - Now with free Korg Nanopad

Yes you can win a Korg Nano Pad simply by sending an email to homemadehitshow@gmail.com. with CONTEST in the title line.  If you're in the US shipping will be covered, outside of the US we will review once I know the cost.  Read about the Nanopad here watch the video below.

This week Dave Criddle and Tony Butterworth discuss
  • Tony's inactivity
  • Being in a band is not always that great
  • Balanced Cables
  • Toneport presets
  • Tony's EZMix review 
  • Read Kevin Selby's R16 site here 
  • Tony has been listening to - Marina and the Diamonds, Genesis, Kate Nash
  • Dave has been listening to - Quasi
  • Joe Holtaway - We Go Sailing
  • Kevin Selby -  Wonderin' (R16 Demo Project) -
  • Leigh Wright - For An Hour or Two
  • David Partrick - (I Unfriended You on) Facebook

Sonic State Nanopad Review

Marina and the Diamonds

Genesis - Dancing with the Moonlight Knight

Quasi - Peace and Love

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