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Friday, April 16, 2010


HMHS 196 - Lyrics Do Matter Gosh Darn It !

Here we go again with the home recording and songwriting wonder from the experienced professional musician Tony Butterworth and the rank amateur Dave Criddle.

This weeks discussions
  • More on "modern" lyrics
  • Stevie Z reminds us that songs are a chance to say something
  • Travis Brown wants a review (or does he)
  • Tony liked a Justin Bieber song
  • Tony has continued to listen to Jonsi and The Holloways
  • Dave has been listening to Jonsi and "Sea and Cake"
  • Dave talks about his latency research
  • Dave talks about Buddy Holly's Midnight Shift
  • Tony says "Lyrics don't matter unless they aren't there or you can't understand them"
  • Dave's songs sound great when performed by his band
This weeks tunes
  • Spotlights - Travis Brown
  • Straight Up Shot - Famous Patrick Bonier
  • Let the Sunshine In - Guys From South

Justin Bieber - Girl

The Holloways - Jukebox Sunshine

Sea and Cake - Weekend

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