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Friday, February 12, 2010


HMHS 188 - Franky Goes To Grandmas

Special Frank Canonica show guest hosted by Grandma Melonhead. Thanks a lot to the guys for doing this, you did a great job,

The Songs:
• Green Bananas
• Hula Hoop
• Real Scary
• We're all saved by you

Frank and "Grandma" discuss:
  • Existential boci ball.
  • Professional equipment at home.
  • Clone ensemble.
  • Finding musicians who aren't from other solar systems.
  • The Internet is a good thing.
  • Bob Dylan has no commercial potential.
  • The corporate nightmare.
  • Mixing things up.
  • A songwriting club.
  • Frank declares: "No more loops"; and "I am not attacking religion, alright?".

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