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Friday, February 05, 2010


HMHS 187 - Committee for Recording and Audio Podcasts

Dave and Tony are back to discuss their musical trials and tribulations.

This weeks discussions include
  • Tony's songs are boring
  • Dave's experiments with a real drummer
  • Band's that have become better over time
  • Voice Band iPhone App website (with videos)
  • What we've been listing to. Tony has been listening to female indie rock, Lady Gaga and the fabulous Everybody Was In The French Resistance....Now!!! (see the video below)
  • Dave has been listening to Goldfrapp, Battles, and OK GO

Take a look/listen to Tony's six fun cover songs post here

Everybody Was In The French Resistance....Now!!!

This weeks songs

  • Francesco Canonica – Child Of War
  • John Mulligan – Next To You
  • Blake McKibben – Another Day Another Dollar

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