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Friday, February 26, 2010


HMHS 189 - Now With More Fiber

Back again it's the magical theories and opinions of Dave Criddle and Tony Butterworth discussing home songwriting and recording.

This weeks discussions include
  • Tony's new song and his MIDI drum work
  • Songbook opinions from Gary Lightbody and Brett Anderson
  • Tony's Studio Video (see below)
  • Keith on EQ
  • Dave's segment on UGO Synths www.ugoaudio.com
  • Tony has been listening to Mumford and Sons (see below for video)
Songs this week
  • Charles Evans - Million Miles
  • Brian Plamondon - Let Me Down
  • Elisabeth Blair - Little Bird ElisabethBlair.net (download her album for free)

Mumford and Sons - The Cave

Tony's Timelapse Home Studio Video

Field Music - A House Is Not a Home

Friday, February 12, 2010


HMHS 188 - Franky Goes To Grandmas

Special Frank Canonica show guest hosted by Grandma Melonhead. Thanks a lot to the guys for doing this, you did a great job,

The Songs:
• Green Bananas
• Hula Hoop
• Real Scary
• We're all saved by you

Frank and "Grandma" discuss:
  • Existential boci ball.
  • Professional equipment at home.
  • Clone ensemble.
  • Finding musicians who aren't from other solar systems.
  • The Internet is a good thing.
  • Bob Dylan has no commercial potential.
  • The corporate nightmare.
  • Mixing things up.
  • A songwriting club.
  • Frank declares: "No more loops"; and "I am not attacking religion, alright?".

Friday, February 05, 2010


HMHS 187 - Committee for Recording and Audio Podcasts

Dave and Tony are back to discuss their musical trials and tribulations.

This weeks discussions include
  • Tony's songs are boring
  • Dave's experiments with a real drummer
  • Band's that have become better over time
  • Voice Band iPhone App website (with videos)
  • What we've been listing to. Tony has been listening to female indie rock, Lady Gaga and the fabulous Everybody Was In The French Resistance....Now!!! (see the video below)
  • Dave has been listening to Goldfrapp, Battles, and OK GO

Take a look/listen to Tony's six fun cover songs post here

Everybody Was In The French Resistance....Now!!!

This weeks songs

  • Francesco Canonica – Child Of War
  • John Mulligan – Next To You
  • Blake McKibben – Another Day Another Dollar

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