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Friday, October 09, 2009


HMHS 177 - Stress

Hopefully a stress free show from your hosts Tony Butterworth and Dave Criddle as they discussing home songwriting and recording.

Today we feature
  • The show needs songs - SEND THEM !!!!
  • Tape style edits in the digital form
  • A possible song challenge to record a song with the title of a billboard number 1. Let us know what you think
  • The difficulty in one man recording lesser sounding instruments that sound good in a mix
  • Listening to music reduces stress (though recording may increase it)
  • Tony professes his true feelings for Zoetrope
  • Tours by Devo and Fran Healy from Travis
  • More discussion of whether lyrics really matter
  • Dave reminds us of www.vst4free.com
  • Dave, hopefully, plays a segment on recording his XTC show
and of course we have songs

Les Cotton and Bjorn Niellsen - The Day That Comes

David Claridge - Portrait

Roy in La Mesa, CA - Floatin'

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