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Friday, October 30, 2009


HMHS 179 - Alone

On my own this week. A short, less talk kinda show. Amongst other things we debut the song I just did with Albert Forssell

Brief comments on
  • The recording quality of "classic" music
  • How I (and maybe you) need a focus when writing/recording
  • Dave's, Tomas and Mike Wich birthday's
  • Some detailed emails to read out about today's songs
A detailed segment on the song I just completed with Albert Forssell


I'm Gonna Miss You - Band Vagon MySpace

Wasted Lives - James Bryson

Bad World - Tony Butterworth and Albert Forssell

Cold Omaha - Brian Natzel Brian's CD

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Friday, October 16, 2009


HMHS 178 - Helium

Dave Criddle and Tony Butterworth are back (Dave is back only because I under estimated the amount of helium I needed to send him into outer space), discussing songwriting and home recording.

This week we covered
This weeks tunes

The Legendary Ten Seconds - The Most Beautiful Girl from Torquay

Harry Stout - I'm With The Band

Dave Criddle (hot off the presses) - Rainy
Dave would like to add that he realizes the vocals don't sound too good

Dan Overholt - Sun in My Skies

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Friday, October 09, 2009


HMHS 177 - Stress

Hopefully a stress free show from your hosts Tony Butterworth and Dave Criddle as they discussing home songwriting and recording.

Today we feature
  • The show needs songs - SEND THEM !!!!
  • Tape style edits in the digital form
  • A possible song challenge to record a song with the title of a billboard number 1. Let us know what you think
  • The difficulty in one man recording lesser sounding instruments that sound good in a mix
  • Listening to music reduces stress (though recording may increase it)
  • Tony professes his true feelings for Zoetrope
  • Tours by Devo and Fran Healy from Travis
  • More discussion of whether lyrics really matter
  • Dave reminds us of www.vst4free.com
  • Dave, hopefully, plays a segment on recording his XTC show
and of course we have songs

Les Cotton and Bjorn Niellsen - The Day That Comes

David Claridge - Portrait

Roy in La Mesa, CA - Floatin'

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Friday, October 02, 2009


HMHS 176 - There's a Crisis In The Sea Kings Village

Back for more home recording, songwriting and PC maintenance tips with the genial Dave Criddle and the grumpy Tony Butterworth

I'm issuing my usual call for songs, so please send them along, one per email, to homemadehitshow@gmail.com

This week we discuss
  • Alternative Instrumentation
  • LaLa.com
  • The difference between the almost right word and the right word
  • The band I could not remember is Music Go Music check them out on youtube
  • Dave discussed Beyond Compare for keeping your music files backed up.
  • iTunes Genius
We also have an excellent segment on using VST strings in your songs from Dave Chick.

Songs this week:

The Sea Kings - Villages MySpace
John Bowen - Crisis Soundclick
Sucrepop - Baby I Love You sucrepop.com

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