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Friday, September 25, 2009


HMHS 175 - Strings and Things

Welcome to another fun packed home recording, songwriting, and I guess general music podcast hosted by Genial Dave Criddle and Mean Tony Butterworth.

This week we discuss
  • Dave's XTC Gig
  • Guitar Maintenance
  • Strings
  • Lily Allen's annoying blog
  • Getting poetic in your lyrics
We play a great pro song from Frank Turner (http://www.frank-turner.com/) called Substitute and we recommend that The Cracks check him out.

and of course Dave Chick delivers his 2-3 hour song. I recommend we start a rap style war where we all abuse each other in song.


Ralph Tonge – English Summer

Jay McAllistee – Killa

Dave Chick - Tony is a SUPERSTAR !!!!!

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