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Friday, April 17, 2009


HMHS 157 - The Dave Criddle Show

Yes it's the return of Mr. Dave Criddle to your home songwriting paradise.

This week we discuss, Glasvegas drumming, songwriting on the bus, REALLY learning your songs. We have Dave Chick talking for a minute on varying your melody and Zoetrope on song intro's.

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Dave has a great segment on EQ. Here is the 58mb original file if you need it EQSegment

Tony dug into Pulp's Babies for Tony's Perfect Pop Song. Last.FM for Pulp ( I recommend checking out the song Razzmatazz on Last.FM. It's another classic)

Songs this week:

If It Was You - Project-43 project-43.com

Slain - The Brothers Grimm

Darkest Hour -Mat Wilson Soundclick

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