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Friday, April 03, 2009


HMH S 155 - Minus Dave Plus Zoetrope

Today we are Dave Free (Yeah !!!) but a full dose of Zoetrope is in the house. Hear the dynamic discussion of why recording cover songs is cool and how to have a successful internet collaboration. Hear Dave Chick gives us an intro that's longer than his song and finally take a listen to Bernard Sumner talking and singing from the Songbook show.

In addition hear the worst recorded song you've ever come across aka one of the best songs every Iggy and Stooges Search and Destroy (then hear me confuse Zoetrope into thinking Iggy sang the same verse twice when Z tells me now it was the pre-chorus.

Oh yeah and we have songs.

Andrew Brock - Songwriter Soundclick
Dave Chick (and many others) - The Warriors Theme HatchedProductions
Les Cotton - The Answer lescotton.co.uk

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