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Sunday, February 15, 2009


R.I.P. Riffmaster Part 2

Here I have done what I probably should have done the first time for Rob White. I have pulled all of his appearances on the HMHS into one

Most of the songs feature his spoken intro's so please be aware of that.

I decided to play the songs in reverse order, no particular reason. At least two of the shows were Steve shows, so thanks to him for those of course.
  • Rock 'n' Raw - Ep 131
  • 6 my 9 - Ep 115
  • Into the Sun - Ep 70
  • Pervs and Porno's - Ep 60
  • Roll the Wheel - Ep 49
  • Half Past Love - Ep 38
  • Cadillac Woman - Ep 26
  • If you Feel Froggy - Ep 15

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