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Friday, February 27, 2009


HMHS 150 - Better than 150 kicks in the privates

More songwriting, less lyrics, more arrangements and even more great songs.

Remember all, this is your show so please send stuff in, song breakdowns, segments on your favorite songs or instruments, songs for the "pro" review. Keep it all coming.

This week the pro song was Use Somebody by Kings of Lean, check them out here

You can find the S3 and all the other Krakli synths here

This weeks tunes.

Coward - Rubber Clown Car website

Electric Dyin' Day - Michael Lyzenga (site mentioned is at Soundclick)

Suburban Dream - Joe Pop website

Ian Webster of Krakli here.. Very many thanks for the thorough review of S3K. I am pleased that you enjoyed it and thank you for posting the link back to the Krakli site. really enjoyed the rest of the show and I will be sure to download it regularly in the future.
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