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Friday, February 27, 2009


HMHS 150 - Better than 150 kicks in the privates

More songwriting, less lyrics, more arrangements and even more great songs.

Remember all, this is your show so please send stuff in, song breakdowns, segments on your favorite songs or instruments, songs for the "pro" review. Keep it all coming.

This week the pro song was Use Somebody by Kings of Lean, check them out here

You can find the S3 and all the other Krakli synths here

This weeks tunes.

Coward - Rubber Clown Car website

Electric Dyin' Day - Michael Lyzenga (site mentioned is at Soundclick)

Suburban Dream - Joe Pop website

Thursday, February 19, 2009


HMHS 149 - Now with 100% more Zoetrope

Yes your songwriting (and soft synth) paradise is invaded by Mr "It Sucks" Zoetrope.

Hear the Minimogue review. Download it, for free, and get more info from the MiniMogue site

Read David Watson's lyrics in the forum post here

The "pro" song this week was It Couldn't Be Done by Tim Finn


Toothpick - Snubby

Jezebel - Throbbing Mattress Kitten Website

This Lonely Night - David Watson Soundclick

Be Here Now - South Hill Project Bardomusic

Sunday, February 15, 2009


R.I.P. Riffmaster Part 2

Here I have done what I probably should have done the first time for Rob White. I have pulled all of his appearances on the HMHS into one

Most of the songs feature his spoken intro's so please be aware of that.

I decided to play the songs in reverse order, no particular reason. At least two of the shows were Steve shows, so thanks to him for those of course.
  • Rock 'n' Raw - Ep 131
  • 6 my 9 - Ep 115
  • Into the Sun - Ep 70
  • Pervs and Porno's - Ep 60
  • Roll the Wheel - Ep 49
  • Half Past Love - Ep 38
  • Cadillac Woman - Ep 26
  • If you Feel Froggy - Ep 15

Thursday, February 12, 2009


HMHS 148 - RIP Riffmaster

Sadly we have learned of the death of our friend and show contributor Rob White aka Riffmaster aka Freightrain Jones. This is a simple show just playing some of his tunes.

You can find more of his stuff at these places

Riff's Music

Riff's "Crap"

Riff's Cover Band

There's a remembrance thread in the off topic area of the Zoomers thread forum here

The songs I play are listed below:
  • Cheatin Woman Blues
  • Into The Sun
  • Roll The Wheel
  • Pervs and Porno's
  • If You Feel Froggy
  • X Rated Vision

Thursday, February 05, 2009


HMHS 147 - The REAL Pat Pattison Show

In the return to your home songwriting paradise I am really super double pleased to have an interview with Pat Pattison, lyric writing eductation superstar. You all know I love his books and many of you do also so it was a real pleasure to secure and complete this interview.

Check out the very interesting site at www.patpattison.com

We also play some songs:

David Cooper - Kings of Rock and Roll

Pat Pattison and Greg Barnhill - Leave My Like Alone (see Pat's Site for lyrics and other songs)

Songwriting Workshop - Tom Smith tomsmithonline.com

Pat's Books

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