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Friday, January 30, 2009


HMHS 146 - 12 inch Vinyl Collectors Edition

More home songwriting goodness and wonder, now in vinyl so it sounds "warmer" and better.

A couple of links.

The YouTube video of the magnetic midi drum

Here is a link to the Free Native Instruments Kore synth and soundpack

A video for the Penelope Jane song (please note I think the band name is Jonny Dongel )

Songs this week:

Penelope Jane - Johnny Dongel website

What's The Plan Suzanne - Dave "Mr Cool" Criddle soundclick

Howard Hughes - The Pocket Gods myspace

Friday, January 23, 2009


HMHS 145 - The Work Made Hit Show

More songwriting, songwriter, and other forms of home entertainment discussion from Dave and Tony at The Home Made Hit Show, your home for home made hits

This week we discuss
  • Get the right Thesaurus
  • Rhyming tip from Dave Chick - "Don't Rhyme"
  • www.vst4free.com
Song Analysis was done on Sun It Rises by The Fleet Foxes myspace

This weeks songs:

It's a Fine Line - Unknown Component website

Undertow - Rogue Thief website

Epiphany - Laurier Tiernan myspace

This is the correct Thesaurus

Friday, January 16, 2009


HMHS 144 - Almost Famous

More songwriting and home recording talk and the songs output by the wonderful listeners.

As noted in the show, I'm available to help with songs, in any capacity required.

Songfacts.com for info on what songs are about.

Use a Roget's Thesaurus for your creativity

5 Questions with Albert Forssell

This week:

John Sotter - Fire Wind johnSotter.com
Paul Janowski - The Goddess In The Rain
Albert Forssell - The Wake Soundclick

Thursday, January 08, 2009


HMHS 143 - Even More Famous Than Ever Patrick

Thanks to Dave and Mr Patrick himself for another interview show.

We discuss his history in music and his participation in the National Solo Album Writing Month where he completed an album of at least 29 minutes, 3 seconds long, writing and recording all of it completely solo in the month of November. Famous came up with some really creative and fun songs. Listen in!

Here are the songs played in the show, all by Famous Patrick:

Booker T Bird
Ladies Night
ISBW her
A Leaf on the Wind

Find more at Soundclick

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