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Friday, November 14, 2008


HMHS 137 - The Europeans Are Coming

An all Euro songwriting, home recording and music making extravaganza.

Send the email to win a copy of Writing Better Lyrics.

Enjoy Famous Patrick's theories on writers block (I'm not going to tell you where the end is cause I don't want you to skip it)

Listen to the music from:

Anarchy in the Ukelele - by Nigel Bennet and David Claridge (with Les Cotton)

Same Mistake - The Tones Soundclick

Madeliene - Andrew Brock

All ukuleles should be anarchic. Fun and excellent - well done!

We are Lizards From Afar...a completely virtual band. We have a unique process to home recording I think you'd find pretty cool.

Check out our story at:

Get our MP3s for FREE at:

Sir Pent
drummer of Lizards From Afar
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