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Friday, August 29, 2008


HMHS 128 - Maybe We'll Grow Out Of It

Back again to fuel our "tolerated" hobby. More songwriting discussion from Tony & Dave. Tony can't write happy songs, Dave messes with his songs too much. Visit with your online songwriting habit support group !!

Today we reviewed two books:


It's a Sunny Day - Maceman Soundclick

Summer In Texas - Secretive Chris

Summertime - John Poulton Soundclick

Friday, August 22, 2008


HMHS 127 - The Goofballs of Summer

Another jam packed, songwriting, songwriter, home recording, babble fest (get those keywords out there google !!!!).

Lots of links for this week:

Simple Carnival Remix Contest:

Songs and performers this week:

Summer is - Dave Chick Hatched Productions
Summer In The City - Robbie Ryan MySpace
Life on a Beach - Albert Forssall Soundclick
Life on a Beach - Gary Davies Soundclick
Zone 104 - Fast Cakes Soundclick

Video version of Robbie's Song

Book 1: Sounds Like Teen Spirit
Book 2: Dave's Toilet Reading

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Friday, August 15, 2008


HMHS 126 - The Boys Are Back In Town

Welcome to another show that is once again filled with interesting/uninteresting (depends on your point of view) chatter about home songwriting.

During today's show we talked about how common copying songs from older songs is and, totally by coincidence, while we were recording Steve "The King" Sungodv was posting in the 2090 forum about this book.

An interesting look at the phenomenon. Check out the site with some audio also at SoundsLikeTeenSpirit.com

Here's the link to Jimmy Crespo on eBay if you want to book him Crespo on eBay

Today's Songs

Summer Blues - Zoetrope Soundclick
Summer - Dave Watson Soundclick
Umbrella Full of Rain - Super Spud Four Albert at Soundclick
Hot Summer Day - David Cooper Songplanet

Friday, August 08, 2008


HMHS 125 - Dave Chick

Today Dave talks to Dave Chick. In addition to being a home recordist, Dave has developed a blossoming career doing movie soundtracks all out of his spare bedroom. It's a long one but well worth the listen !

Dave Chick's Website: hatchedproductions.net
Dave's SoundClick Page: Soundclick
Dave is also a regular co-host at the excellent Inside Home Recording

Living The Dream
Embarrassment of Riches
Soundtrack Montage
Way Too Deep
Belly of the Beast - Collaboration as part of a CAPE project on mixerman.net

Friday, August 01, 2008


HMHS 124 - You've Been Warned

You've been warned so listen at your own risk. It's the return of the great Sun-Rah himself, Steve Nylander with his wild sound effects and crazy laughter.

thanks to Steve for a great show as always. You can hear his music at Soundclick


Inflatable Women by Bob Rivers
A Little Bit - Gary Davies / GeeJayDee - Soundclick
Girl in a Graveyard - Tony Butterworth / The Tones - Soundclick
Can You Blame Me? - Maceman - Soundclick
Ordinary Air - Tim DeFerrars - The Miskicks - Soundclick

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