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Friday, May 16, 2008


HMHS 116 - Open Mic at the Black Horse Pub

Thanks so much to John Poulton for putting this one together.

The Open Mic Night takes place every other Thursday at The Black Horse on Gregson Lane. The next few Thursdays are the 15th and 29th of May and the 12th and 26th of June. It starts at 9.15 and finishes at 11.30. Other than there are no rules as such. Anyone is invited to bring along an instrument and play, solo or in small groups. If they wish to borrow a guitar there are several they can use. We set up two microphones and have a contact mic for the use of a fiddle player if required.

The age range of performers stretches from 12 to 65 (I don't ask ages!). Music ranges from metal (played) ascoustic to traditional folk. Many do covers but quite a few do their own material.

The acts with web sites either have CDs available (Trouble at Mill) or are planning to put one out (Mark Claydon) or would like to if they weren't so lazy (me). Pat (bass with Loz) is a member of band called the Rambling Riversiders and they play in the States regularly; I think Pat is playing in Nashville as I type. Rob and Susie's is done and they are awaiting delivery (exciting). Colin is in a band but I don't know much about them. These lofty ambitions do not tarnish the evening which is strictly fun, and for most rather boozy!

Susie Jones and Rob Kentell; www.myspace.com/susiejones10

Mark Claydon; myspace.com/markclaydon1

Trouble at Mill; http://www.troubleatmill.com/

Caroline Lovett; myspace.com/carolinelovett

John Poulton; www.myspace.com/johnpoulton

Gregson Lane Folk Club; http://www.gregsonlane.co.uk/

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