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Monday, April 28, 2008


HMHS TV 008 - Toneport/Gearbox Overview

This week we give a run through to the mythical Toneport and it's Gearbox software. Finally those of you who don't own one can put a picture to the sounds.

Check the Toneport details at www.line6.com/toneport

The video is split into two parts as it went over 10 minutes

Watch with the following options

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Part 1 Windows Media Version
Part 2 Windows Media Version
Part 1 iTunes / Apple Version
Part 2 iTunes / Apple Version

Or trusty embedded video

Part 1

Part 2

Friday, April 25, 2008


HMHS 114 - Scandanavian Adventures

Another musical show, fill with wonderful home made music and analysis interrupted by two guy rambling on.

A link to the Cajon demo from Tomas De Camino Beck can be found at HERE and his mathematical song with explanation HERE


The Morrisons - You're a Fraud MySpace

Albert Forssell, Bill Mecca, Pete Young - Journey Underseas Soundclick

Bjorn Nilsen with Les Cotton - August Child Soundclick

Monday, April 21, 2008


HMHS TV 007 - Dave Criddle's bASS

This week, by request, Dave shows some bass playing techniques.

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Friday, April 18, 2008


HMHS 113 - Beck (not the famous one but the Tomas De Camino one)

This week we have an interview show (done by Dave, his first appearance in an interview show) with Tomas De Camino Beck (aka Matbio on the forums). Tomas talks about his songs and his band Automata.

Find Automata at the following links


Automata World

Wednesday, April 16, 2008


HMHS TV 006 - Zoetrope Live

All 2090 forum members (http://www.2090.org/zoom/bbs/index.php) should enjoy this one, as should any who likes a good chuckle about home music making.

It's Zoetrope and his Roland EG-101.

Watch with the following options

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Or trusty embedded video

Monday, April 14, 2008


HMHS TV 005 - Dave "Bowie" Criddle Live

Well this was meant to be a different video but I somehow am having problems with my uploading.

No problem though, here you can see the great Dave Criddle performing his David Bowie cover show from a couple of months back.

Watch with the following options

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Windows Media Version

iTunes / Apple Version

Or trusty embedded video

Friday, April 11, 2008


HMHS 112 - Glenn Wants To Know

More audio goodness and it's a long one. This week we address Glenn's "Beginner" questions. Play some songs and feature a guest segment from Inside Home Recording on time signatures

Check out the videos at Home Made Hit Show TV at Youtube

Definitely take a listen and subscribe to Inside Home Recording The best audio focused podcast out there. They feature lots of content on software, recording and audio techniques along with remix contests and much much more.


Shadows - Paul Janowski Soundclick
Apologies to Paul for pronouncing his name incorrectly

Sequal - Eric Merrow Soundclick

Her Love - Tony Copping Gruvex.com

Monday, April 07, 2008


HMHS TV 004 - That Low - John Tully

If you want to stop my music playing click the Soundclick plugin to the left.

This week I am pleased to welcome John Tully aka The Cracks to the HMHS. John is the first person I was aware of making home made music videos and he continues to roll out high quality stuff (search out the one where he made himself fly for some real fun).

Find more John tunes HERE and HERE

Find more Cracked videos here at YouTube

There is a higher quality WMV version of the show HERE

Mac compatible M4V version HERE

YouTube HERE or below

All the Home Made Hit Show TV videos can be found on the Home Made Hit Show Channel

Friday, April 04, 2008


HMHS 111 - Win Something and Vegetables Talk

Welcome to a good solid audio show featuring great songs and songwriting talk. Plus hear the potatoes themselves talk.

Plenty of links for today.

A great read at the new songwriting blog Adventures In Songwriting

Read the interviews and other songwriting stuff at Songs and Sonics

Thanks for the longtime and ongoing support from The Indie Bible

Send an email with CONTEST in the title to win the EP and T-Shirt from The Simple Carnival


Slide Away - Les Cotton lescotton.co.uk

Caitlin's On The Beach - The Simple Carnival SimpleCarnival.com

Genevive - The Tones Soundclick

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