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Thursday, March 20, 2008


HMHS 109 - Just Say No

Blues Crossing

South Hill Project

Another exciting home recording and songwriting episode.

Announcement Coming Soon !! Home Made Hit Show TV, after some looking around and thinking we've decided to launch Home Made Hit Show video shows in a short format. Each show will feature one segment plus sometimes a user video. So if you want to make a video of anything related to home recording, perhaps mixing, or playing your guitar, or a video song analysis. Please send them in to homemadehitshow@gmail.com

This week we have the usual banter + Dave plays a couple of commercial songs to use as examples for songwriting inspiration.


Performance - South Hill Project Bardo Music

Waves - Downriver Downriver Soundclick

One More Mile - Blues Crossing MySpace

What a great site!!! I enjoy the musical comments, thoughtful, pro analysis and most of all the MUSIC on The Home Made Hit Show. You folks really DO have a hit show here! Needless to say, your link will go into my Favorite Places.

I just discovered South Hill Project a couple weeks ago and must admit they have a VERY unique sound, unlike any I have ever heard. Listen to their song "Performance" on here and see if you agree. And if you get a chance, visit their Bardo site to download lots more tunes (and no, I don't work for the band! LOL). The really cool thing about South Hill is that they actually PLAY their music (unlike me, who relies on MIDI, sequencing and synths)and then they mix it up, polish it to a fine sheen, and it just SHINES. :-) What you get with South Hill is great music but listen to the lyrics too! Poetry and music wed to one another. You can't beat that, people!!

BTW, I also like Waves "Downriver" tune...nice seashore effect, mellow song. And "One More Mile" by Blues Crossing was superb too, especially the vocals and mandolin accents.
Thanks a lot Rosy, please send anything you want to homemadehitshow@gmail.com
I just finished listening to this episode (my iPod is a week full so I never have nothing to listen to) And I wanted to comment on the high quality of tunes this week. "Performance" sounded like a stage production of a live musical, and great choice to play "One More Mile" to finish it off because it ended the podcast really well. When it ended I had to rewind to hear that last song again!
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