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Monday, March 31, 2008


HMHS TV 003 - Reaper and Addictive Drums

Note: If you want to watch the video then turn off the music from the soundclick player to the left.

Thanks to Gary Davies for this excellent overview of Addictive Drums with Reaper.

Download the higher quality Windows Media Version
and the Apple version

Your videos are greatly appreciated.


Addictive Drums from XLNAudio
Gary Davies at Soundclick

Friday, March 28, 2008


HMHS 110 - Wichipedia (The Mike Wich Show)

Time for an interview with that songwriting wannabe Mr Mike Wich.

Various Links:

Music at Soundclick
His older Eljam music at Soundclick

Buy Off In The Distance

A Mike Wich LIVE !!!! Studio Tour

Wednesday, March 26, 2008


HMHS TV 002 - The Bees

A very professional video from Dave's band The Bees.

Check out the Website LeisureBand.com which is the new name for The Bees

Full WMV version is availale here - HMHS TV 002 WMV version

Sunday, March 23, 2008


HMHS TV 001 - Midi Basics

Well here we go, episode 1 of the short format Home Made Hit Show TV.

This show is all about you, please make and send me your 2-8 minute videos that have anything to do with music. It could be a music video for your song, a video of you playing live, playing in your bedroom, a short overview of the guitars you own, a tour of your home studio, an overview of some software (Camstudio is free and great for this).

For this first episode we show some MIDI basics. How to connect and what a software synth is and how it can be used.

You can download to your iPod or iTunes from the link above or download the higher quality Windows Media Version from here Home Made Hit Show TV 001 WMV

and of course there is youtube which is embedded here or you can access the channel from this link Home Made Hit Show TV Youtube Channel

Expect to see 1-2 videos per week

Thursday, March 20, 2008


HMHS 109 - Just Say No

Blues Crossing

South Hill Project

Another exciting home recording and songwriting episode.

Announcement Coming Soon !! Home Made Hit Show TV, after some looking around and thinking we've decided to launch Home Made Hit Show video shows in a short format. Each show will feature one segment plus sometimes a user video. So if you want to make a video of anything related to home recording, perhaps mixing, or playing your guitar, or a video song analysis. Please send them in to homemadehitshow@gmail.com

This week we have the usual banter + Dave plays a couple of commercial songs to use as examples for songwriting inspiration.


Performance - South Hill Project Bardo Music

Waves - Downriver Downriver Soundclick

One More Mile - Blues Crossing MySpace

Friday, March 14, 2008


HMHS 108 - Hello I'm Here

Hi again to another high volume, low quality Home Made Hit Show. Listen to my analysis of my own song (talking about yourself pursuing your own narcissistic hobby ???) along with more great tunes.

Songs this week:

David Gilhooly - One More Time

Jeff Yankauer - Good Luck Soundclick

The Great Potatoes (aka Albert Forssell) - French Fries Overdose
Albert's Soundclick or visit the Great Potatoes

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Friday, March 07, 2008


HMHS 107 - It's a disaster I tell you

We struggled with expectations after last weeks great show and the great response so decided to go the other direction with a total disaster. Dave and I recorded a show but my audio failed to record so Dave stepped up and quickly recorded a replacement show - which I then mixed. Apologies in advance for any flaws.

Songs this week:

Andrew Spicer – Savior of the Erroneous Power humblefly.net

Euroamerica - Work of Art Soundclick

David Cooper - Not To Blame Songplanet

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