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Friday, February 29, 2008


HMHS 106 - Leap Leap Leap for Leap Year

Welcome to the leap year edition of the Home Made Hit Show featuring a free bonus song.

Links for the week:

RPM Challenge Record your CD in February with a lot of other people
Jamstudio Your personal online band
This Week In Tech Technology podcast, check TWIT 133 for discussion of the state of the music biz
Jonathan Coulton Entertain yourself with someone who succeeded doing what you do
Mike Wich "MUSICIAN"

This weeks song:

I Feel - Lee Szwast Soundclick
Didn't You Dwayne - Gary Davies Soundclick
Keep Your Friends Closer - John Tully / The Cracks Soundclick
Hipshake - R.Mutt MySpace

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Friday, February 22, 2008


HMHS 105 - Alone Again, Naturally

A short and sweet solo show this week. I've been busy with the RPM challenge and Dave is moving office. Always looking for guest hosts for weeks like these so let me know.

Apologies to Mark Tupuhi for incorrectly naming him by his old band name St. Lucy. I read the full email after I'd already recorded the show.

This weeks music:

Dick Langford (and guests) - Without Company Soundclick

Mark Tupuhi - Wings of Steel MySpace

Charles Evans - Hunt The Moon / Don't Forget Soundclick

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Friday, February 08, 2008


HMHS 104 - It's a Challenge

Another talk and music show.


The RPM Challenge Record a new album in February (listen to my song above left on the player)

More Joe Pop stuff at JoePopToons.com Click on the image above for a bigger version


Is It Love - Papa Satch ReverbNation

Body In The Woods - Famico / JungChoi Soundclick

Resurrection - Good Question GoodQuestion.ca

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Friday, February 01, 2008


HMHS 103 - I meant to do that

Hi there, another week and finally a Criddle Tune.

Check out the songs and listen to me sing the same line over and over again in my vocal mixing segment.

Songs today:

On Your Way To Hell - Mike Caro sent by Tom Reilly-Devon (Soundclick)

Terrifying Heat - Dave Criddle Soundclick (though Dave needs to post his songs)

Frontline - Rogue Thief Website

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