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Saturday, January 19, 2008


HMHS 101 - Video is finally here - repost


Well, I've had a lot of trouble this week figuring out how to encode the video. Getting file sizes down but quality good enough has been a challenge. I've done the best I can but feedback is appreciated. I've learned a lot (such as that youtube does not allow vids longer than 10 minutes)

The video show features:
  • My ugly mug
  • A video sent in by Lennon from Varsity Club Sunshine Coach
  • A tour of my "studio"
  • A video tutorial on using drum loops with Sony Acid
  • A ripped video about the writing of the song Like A Virgin
Anyone who wants to play with Acid there is a free version & free loops available at acidplanet.com

Now the videos

Recommended Regular Quality Windows Media (71mb)
Higher Quality Windows Media (though honestly not much better at 180mb)
iTunes/iPod format (136mb)

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