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Monday, October 08, 2007


My New Song - Things That Happen At Night - with some details

Just finished off a new song. You can click the link above or play it from soundclick here The Tones at Soundclick

I spend a lot of time trying to write lyrics, songs and sing like Jarvis Cocker & here I try again. The song was written over the course of a couple of weeks, I had the idea for the song, lyrics came next then music. Originally I was thinking of it as an acoustic song but I never end up doing that.

This was the first time I have recorded and used my acoustic in a song. I mic'd it using a Studio Projects B1 and a Karma Audio (http://www.karmamics.com/) K-Micro ($5 condenser). I think I got a nice sound :)

Someone else asked so I put together a list of the gear I used on this, and most of my, tracks.

VARIAX Variax is a custom electric guitar. It's a modeling guitar that is able to simulate other guitars. So I can flip the switch and make it into a Telecaster, Strat, Hollowbody, Les Paul, even Acoustic, or Sitar www.line6.com/variax for sounds samples and info.

MICROKORG is a small Analog modeling synth http://www.korg.com/gear/info.asp?A_PROD_NO=microKORG

Beta Monkey Loops these are audio loops of drums, the drums are played live and recorded. I have a massive library and I select the one's I want for a given track http://www.betamonkeymusic.com/ Sony Acid (see below) makes the looping and repeating and cutting of loops really easy. I pretty much always spice them up with the free Camel Crusher plugin.

CHEAPO BASS I have a functional bass guitar that cost me around $79 :)

POD XTL is an amp and effects modeling unit. It can act as over 40 or so amps + effects. It can also be used to record guitar http://line6.com/podxtlive/

TONEPORT An excellent recording interface and modeler. It has mic inputs, guitar inputs and keyboard inputs. Then it has software that simulates various guitar, bass and vocal amps and effect. www.line6.com/toneport

If a person could only own one piece of gear in the world I recommend the Toneport

CHEAPO SM58 Clone: An outstanding copy of the SM58 ES-58 Site

For recording I use SONY ACID PRO http://www.sonycreativesoftware.com/products/acidfamily.asp

For Mastering I sometimes use Izotope Ozone and sometimes PSP Vintage Warmer

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