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Thursday, October 25, 2007


HMHS 92 - The James Burling / Super Eight Shoes Show

Welcome to an interview show where I interview James Burling from the new Ordio Records - a small hobby label that focuses on releasing home made music. James talks about his first release of the Super Eight Shoes EP "How Many Bosses Must I Face"

Check out Ordio Records at http://ordiorecords.com/

Find Super Eight Shoes at MySpace

Read here about Ordio Records track submission requirements for some new releases

James wrote:
This entire album was recorded live in 3 sessions with a 15" MacBook using a Shure SM57 on the guitar, a cheap condensor mic made by a company called Superlux for the vocals and a little Behringer mixer plugged right into the laptop. I intentionally used no compression or effects on any of the tracks, and nothing was overdubbed. Not using any editing on the tracks was certainly a challenge n itself, but it made for a fun project! The room we recorded in was in this old Art Deco looking house that Adam lives in with round windows and every room has its own beautiful reverb qualities. In some of the tracks you can hear the rain outside the window, whcih I left in to add to the earthy honest sound that we were trying to achieve with the EP. I think we got it! Its not perfect, but were both very proud of what we put together over those three sessions.

Great show, and some great sounding tunes.
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