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Friday, October 05, 2007


HMHS 89 - Song Inspiration

A discussion of song inspiration and some songs from around the world.

A new book I'm excited about (released October 22nd 2007) - Arranging Songs by Rikky Rooksby

The best 3 songwriting books I own (spot the trend)

How to Write Songs On Guitar - Rikky Rooksby

How to Turn Chords into Great Songs - Rikky Rooksby

How to Write Songs on Keyboards - Rikky Rooksby

This weeks songs

Song 1: Kristina - the Hit & Mrs (Nelson Heise)

Recorded in my basement with the band- Nelly- singing, keys, guitars Bubba- bass V. Stak- percussion


Song 2: Jung Choi / Famico Really Sorry I Ruined Your Life Carl

Jung Choi at Soundclick

Song 3: Moby Mk2 – Soul Pilot

Moby Noor from Pakistan

Audio Interface - Echo Layla 3G

Vocals - M-Audio Solaris mic routed through M-Audio TAMPA preamp

Guitars - Line 6 POD XT

Bass - Avalon U5

Drums - Pro DrumWorks sample drumkit sequenced through FL 5.0.

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