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Thursday, October 25, 2007


HMHS 92 - The James Burling / Super Eight Shoes Show

Welcome to an interview show where I interview James Burling from the new Ordio Records - a small hobby label that focuses on releasing home made music. James talks about his first release of the Super Eight Shoes EP "How Many Bosses Must I Face"

Check out Ordio Records at http://ordiorecords.com/

Find Super Eight Shoes at MySpace

Read here about Ordio Records track submission requirements for some new releases

James wrote:
This entire album was recorded live in 3 sessions with a 15" MacBook using a Shure SM57 on the guitar, a cheap condensor mic made by a company called Superlux for the vocals and a little Behringer mixer plugged right into the laptop. I intentionally used no compression or effects on any of the tracks, and nothing was overdubbed. Not using any editing on the tracks was certainly a challenge n itself, but it made for a fun project! The room we recorded in was in this old Art Deco looking house that Adam lives in with round windows and every room has its own beautiful reverb qualities. In some of the tracks you can hear the rain outside the window, whcih I left in to add to the earthy honest sound that we were trying to achieve with the EP. I think we got it! Its not perfect, but were both very proud of what we put together over those three sessions.

Friday, October 19, 2007


HMHS 91 - The distorted views of the hardest working man in home audio podcasting

Download this episode to hear Dave's example of recording audio with a guitar distortion patch.

3 Songs for you today + a discussion of different ways to get songs started.

I talked about Rondo Music and their outstanding prices for well reviewed guitars, copies of Telecasters, Les Paul's and everything else you can think of.

I also mentioned John Tully / The Cracks and his Open Mic approach to songwriting. Hear some of the recordings here at his soundclick site

Songs this week.

Better Kind Of Life - Three Rivers Crossing / Jay Brieler find more at Soundclick

The Art of Giving Up Brad Kayal / 49Admiral find more at this site 49admiral.com

Tell Her – The Low Countries / Nigel Parrington more at Myspace

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Wednesday, October 17, 2007


HMHS - Dave's ART Tube MP Preamp Review

Listen to Dave's excellent audio review of the Art Tube MP Preamp. These little devils have multiple versions ranging from $30 up to $100 + . They are not going to make or break your sound but they are an outstanding and cheap way to boost and nicely color your incoming signal.

You can pick them up at all the usual online retailers including Amazon

Art Tube MP Studio at Amazon

Art Tube MP Professional at Amazon

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Friday, October 12, 2007


HMHS 90 - The Carter Mahnke Show

A special interview show this week featuring Carter Mahnke. Check out the words and music of Carter and his musical alter ego Midnight Surf Party.

Find more at www.midnightsurfparty.com/ and MySpace

Carter makes his tracks available free, but you can also donate to him or buy his CD from his website.

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Monday, October 08, 2007


My New Song - Things That Happen At Night - with some details

Just finished off a new song. You can click the link above or play it from soundclick here The Tones at Soundclick

I spend a lot of time trying to write lyrics, songs and sing like Jarvis Cocker & here I try again. The song was written over the course of a couple of weeks, I had the idea for the song, lyrics came next then music. Originally I was thinking of it as an acoustic song but I never end up doing that.

This was the first time I have recorded and used my acoustic in a song. I mic'd it using a Studio Projects B1 and a Karma Audio (http://www.karmamics.com/) K-Micro ($5 condenser). I think I got a nice sound :)

Someone else asked so I put together a list of the gear I used on this, and most of my, tracks.

VARIAX Variax is a custom electric guitar. It's a modeling guitar that is able to simulate other guitars. So I can flip the switch and make it into a Telecaster, Strat, Hollowbody, Les Paul, even Acoustic, or Sitar www.line6.com/variax for sounds samples and info.

MICROKORG is a small Analog modeling synth http://www.korg.com/gear/info.asp?A_PROD_NO=microKORG

Beta Monkey Loops these are audio loops of drums, the drums are played live and recorded. I have a massive library and I select the one's I want for a given track http://www.betamonkeymusic.com/ Sony Acid (see below) makes the looping and repeating and cutting of loops really easy. I pretty much always spice them up with the free Camel Crusher plugin.

CHEAPO BASS I have a functional bass guitar that cost me around $79 :)

POD XTL is an amp and effects modeling unit. It can act as over 40 or so amps + effects. It can also be used to record guitar http://line6.com/podxtlive/

TONEPORT An excellent recording interface and modeler. It has mic inputs, guitar inputs and keyboard inputs. Then it has software that simulates various guitar, bass and vocal amps and effect. www.line6.com/toneport

If a person could only own one piece of gear in the world I recommend the Toneport

CHEAPO SM58 Clone: An outstanding copy of the SM58 ES-58 Site

For recording I use SONY ACID PRO http://www.sonycreativesoftware.com/products/acidfamily.asp

For Mastering I sometimes use Izotope Ozone and sometimes PSP Vintage Warmer

Friday, October 05, 2007


HMHS 89 - Song Inspiration

A discussion of song inspiration and some songs from around the world.

A new book I'm excited about (released October 22nd 2007) - Arranging Songs by Rikky Rooksby

The best 3 songwriting books I own (spot the trend)

How to Write Songs On Guitar - Rikky Rooksby

How to Turn Chords into Great Songs - Rikky Rooksby

How to Write Songs on Keyboards - Rikky Rooksby

This weeks songs

Song 1: Kristina - the Hit & Mrs (Nelson Heise)

Recorded in my basement with the band- Nelly- singing, keys, guitars Bubba- bass V. Stak- percussion


Song 2: Jung Choi / Famico Really Sorry I Ruined Your Life Carl

Jung Choi at Soundclick

Song 3: Moby Mk2 – Soul Pilot

Moby Noor from Pakistan

Audio Interface - Echo Layla 3G

Vocals - M-Audio Solaris mic routed through M-Audio TAMPA preamp

Guitars - Line 6 POD XT

Bass - Avalon U5

Drums - Pro DrumWorks sample drumkit sequenced through FL 5.0.

Monday, October 01, 2007


HMHS 88 - An Instrumental Berlin

A non-talking show featuring two instrumentals from Alec Berlin.

Steps of Doom & Major Bounce

The first song is called "Steps of Doom" - I recorded it on my digi 002 using
ProTools and Reason. The only live instrument is a Fender Telecaster,
which I recorded through a pod. I wanted the beginning of the song to
sound like "I Am Trying To Break Your Heart", by Wilco - where the
groove starts and stops a few times before it actually begins.

The name of the second song is "Major Bounce" - recorded on my Digi 002 using Reason and ProTools. The guitar is a 1964 Fender Stratocaster going
through a Maxon Tube Screamer and a Fender Vibrolux amp, mic'ed with a
Shure SM 58.

Check out more from Alec Berlin at

Also remember to listen to the "Alec Berlin" Special Home Made Hit Show
Alec Berlin on the Home Made Hit Show

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