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Tuesday, September 18, 2007


New HRO & another song from me

Just an update today.

Stop over at http://hro.libsyn.com/ to check out Dave & Andrew's latest Home Recording Odyssey show. HRO is a great show focusing on the technology aspects of audio and recording.

As you may or may not know I posted a new song last weekend - Trail of Clues (at Soundclick) Over the weekend I had an idea for another song but I couldn't decide between a ballad and a rocker. Being a "do what you want" home recorder I decided to record both so hopefully you'll be hearing them soon.

My recording tip of the day, something minor. I've started using a self played tambourine on my tracks. I've found that the human element of the tamb adds some humanity to the drum loops, those slight subtle variations somehow make the drums sounds more real, even if I keep the tamb mixed very low. Not something I did on purpose but it's fun to know

I like. It's a good song.
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