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Thursday, August 16, 2007


My Wednesday Music Report

Nice start, sent a mass email and got lots of songs and comments sent. Always appreciated.

Spent about 2 hours on my music tonight. I started by trying some vocals on a tune I have recorded. The family were out and I tried to get something done but I'm not sure it worked, I'll leave it a few days and see. This is a song I have musically complete but I wrote it as a verse/chorus structure without any lyrical ideas, now I'm trying to come up with something. Maybe I'll post it and get some readers to send some ideas in.

Next I tried Zoetrope's idea of opening Last Man Standing with a copy of the chorus but it really doesn't work, the transition from the rocking chorus to the mellow start is just too rough. I liked the idea but I couldn't pull it off

Finally I spent some time on an idea I have. A single repeated piano note, with a crashing guitars, drums, keys hook every couple of bars. Just an idea for now but it sounded good.

Oh yeah and Last Man Standing already reached #1 in the Pop/Rock charts at Soundclick. I must be doing something right, very little cheating is going on these days (from me) but I've had 3 songs reach top 10 and stick around there for a couple of months. I realize it doesn't mean a lot but it feels good. Give it a listen and vote here: The Tones at Soundclick

About 90% of those Last Man Standing clicks are from me. I'm addicted.

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