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Monday, August 27, 2007


HMHS 81 - Roger Davis - Hard Act To Follow

Welcome back to the show for an old regular Roger Davis with his cool and rockin' song Hard Act To Follow.

Check out Roger's stuff here at Soundclick

Roger is a member at Taxi and has had success there.

Roger wrote this after I asked him for some info:

For the song I used my POD, EZDrummer, Trilogy and Behringer mixer. All parts performed by me and recorded in my home studio.

Let’s just say I have had some success with TAXI.

I’ve signed songs with publishers, music libraries and film production companies. I’ve had songs on major TV shows and also feature films. The money from individual placements is not that much, but the idea is to put together a catalogue of many songs, each earning an upfront fee and/or royalties down the road. That takes years, but it can be done.

I produce everything in my home studio and all my equipment is your basic music store stuff… Home built DAW, POD, Behringer, etc. Nothing special.

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