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Tuesday, August 21, 2007


HMHS 80 The Miskicks - Sagittarius Rising

A great song from my friend Tim De Ferrars (source of the famed HMHS graphic). Over the years Tim has written some great songs but has sometimes struggled with his sounds and mixing (and perhaps his confidence most of all). Well on this one he's got it all right.

Lots of info from Tim:

This is the first song I have recorded with
my new Epiphone β€œES335”. I was getting single-tracked into the Strat sound,
and the new guitar is very liberating. I wrote the song around the bass
hook, oddly enough, followed by keys, drums, vocals and only then guitar.

Epiphone semi-acoustic through Laney 50W valve combo
Vocals and slave guitar through AudioTechnica AT2020 condenser mic
Fender β€˜62 reissue Strat through POD XT
Roland E-70 synth
Beta Monkey drum loops
Cheapo bass
Tascam US-122 with POD XT
Cubase LE
Melodyne Uno (vocals)
Harbal (EQ)

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