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Friday, April 28, 2006


Ep 22 The Home Made Hit Show

Here we go again then time for episode 22: 36 minutes and 36 seconds of it.

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Sites Mentioned This week
Podcasts for promoting your music
Musicians Cooler
Home Recording Odyssey
Ronnie's Virtual Songcast

I'm looking for an ending theme song - send them my way please

Artists featured:
Living is Back In Vogue - Shaun Madrid / John Paragreen Soundclick
You Give Me Vertigo - Ronnie Marler MySpace
Three Fingers Up - StingerT/Rick Jones StingerT at Soundclick
Sleepwalking - Woodstock Taylor MySpace
Alone - Tom Franz Soundclick
Long Time - Roger Davis Soundclick

A few links for you:

Update the FRAPPR map please

2090 Forum
Bill Mecca - Voice Over Talent

Find my attempts at music at Tony's Soundclick Site
Tomas de Camino music Soundclick

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