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Friday, March 31, 2006


Home Made Hit Show Episode 17

Here we go again then time for episode 17: 28 minutes and 36 seconds of it.

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Update the FRAPPR map please

Thanks to Lee Szwast for this picture and the payback with the vocal track at the start of the show

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Artists featured:
Plastic People - eJam (Mike Wich)
eJam at Soundclick
Theme ... & File Me Under Regret - Brill BedroomCorin's Website
Love Sweet Love - Supraluxe Suprlauxe.com
Let It Breathe - Tomas De Camino & Eric Stiwich Soundclick
As We Dream - As We Dream AsWeDream.com
WeekendRevulers - Pocket Gods Pocket Gods Website

A few links for you:

2090 Forum
Bill Mecca - Voice Over Talent

Find my attempts at music at Tony's Soundclick Site
Tomas de Camino music Soundclick

I really like Supralux's website. It's well thought out. The song is good as well. Reminds me of some of the great stuff from the mid 90's through the millenium.


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