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Wednesday, December 14, 2005


Home Made Hit Show Episode 4

Here we go again then time for episode 4.

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Artists featured:
Catherine Wheel - Slim www.slimrocks.com
Charlie Rose - La Fea La Fea at MySpace
Butterfly - Hugh Hamilton Hugh at CDBaby
There's a Song - Kim Nguyen & Albert Forssell & Bill Mecca

The Duck Wars - Michael Anthony
40,000 Feet - FabKebab Fabkebab at Soundclick

A few links for you
2090 Forum
Bill Mecca - Voice Over Talent

Find my attempts at music at Tony's Soundclick Site

Hi, Tony - It's fun hearing the products of other home studios - I enjoyed all this week, especially Slim.

Thanks for including Butterfly in show #4. Since you commented that I didn't tell you much about how it was recorded, here goes...
Butterfly was one of the earlier recordings on my Roland VS2480 (I love that thing). It was a very quickly recorded demo - I was really just experimenting with the arrangement and preserving the melody and first lyrical idea for future reference. I've since fleshed out the lyrics, but I'd like to add a bridge before I re-record it...some day...

I sang this through a Shure Beta 58, using the Roland's built-in mic-pres. The only guitar I used on Butterfly was probably my 60's era Gibson ES-125 - it's a thin hollowbody with a cutaway and two humbuckers - my favorite axe. Man, better start keeping session logs...don't remember if I used a Gibson EB0 or Rickenbacker bass. Keyboards and "fake" percussion on this one came from a Korg Concert C-550. For this song the guitars were played direct through the Roland's Hi-Z input and I used the onboard amp modelers.

Lately I've been having a lot more fun mic'ing real amps - makes a nice difference. Have also been hobnobbing with other musicians, and had a foursome tracking together last weekend. Have a fairly simple 4-mic scheme now for recording drums - kick, snare, overhead pair - that works very well. The future looks good; I'll be glad to share more with you later (if you want it!).

Thanks for a fun show...keep it going...
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